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I look back to the day when lives were lost so swift,
It hurts my heart, and causes my eyes to lift.  

They lift towards the heavens and seek answers still,
For the pain and the loss and the grief; And yet no answers have yet to come back,
My soul finds such little relief.  
I see a lack of faith in humanity near,
It is crushing to see it so stark and so clear.

How could a country handed such a deep blow,
Move on without making changes that show?  

Sure; wars were started and monuments built up,
But what about changes of heart?
We don’t care if our neighbors have enough food in their home;
or even a drink in their cup!  

We did give a rip for ‘bout a week or two,
We bonded and stood hand in hand.
We resolved to unite and put up the good fight,
Our echoes filled up this great land.  

But when our dead and wounded come home today….it’s clearly no longer news.
Cause now what we watch is back-biting and fighting, and looting for TV’s and shoes.
But come my friends the battle still rages and our heroes are still spilling blood,
Let’s get focus on uniting, stop the street fighting and put down your fists full of mud!  

Say “I do give a damn, and I do stand with you now,”
And help out a neighbor in need.
For there are strong Americans who have fought for our rights,
And we must unite in this creed:  

To stop tearing down brothers, and all of the others
Who don’t think the way that you do,
Patriots are fighting, and we should still be uniting
Under the glory of the Red, White and Blue.   

TALON, Author 
September 11, 2015

<![CDATA[Courage......definedĀ ]]>Thu, 13 Nov 2014 18:34:02 GMThttp://knightscavalrymc.com/ive-got-your-six/couragedefinedPicture
The Knights Cavalry MC salutes you Austin Carrasco

The Victim in this fire is the wife of a retired lieutenant from the Tulare County Sheriff’s Dept. 

The following story appeared in the Visalia Times Delta this week.

Austin Carrasco said he was simply doing the right thing Sunday when he rescued his 70-year-old neighbor from a burning home.

"If you have the ability to make the situation better, you have to do it," the 19-year-old said. "No ifs, ands or buts about it."

And that kind of attitude has earned him the respect of Tulare's first responders.

"Without thinking about it, he did what had to be done," Tulare City Fire Division Chief Ken Dodson said. "That's one of the reasons I love this community. We have so many people who help their neighbors."

A Tulare Western grad, Carrasco, who works at a Smart & Final store, lives a block away from Mary Doucette's home in the Garden School neighborhood. An alley sits between their homes.

After midnight on Sunday, just about the time he was going to sleep, Carrasco said he heard a loud noise.

When he went outside to check it out, Carrasco said he saw flames and smoke at his neighbor's home.

Carrasco carried out his 70-year-old neighbor from the burning house. Above: Carrasco, left, talks to a man Tuesday about the fire.

The flames, Carrasco said, could be seen over a 40-feet-tall tree that stands in his home's back yard.
"The flames illuminated the whole street," he said.

Carrasco said he first thought a car had crashed into the home because of its blaring alarm. When he learned the woman who lived there wasn't accounted for, he tried to open the door.

When no one answered his knocks, he took three hard charges at the door, Carrasco said. The third charge broke down the door and Carrasco fell into the smoke-filled living room.

Flashlight in hand, he went into the house and found Doucette on the living room floor. She had collapsed while attempting to get out, Dodson said.

Austin Carrasco, center, and his father, Don, left, talk with a man Tuesday about the Sunday fire at a home in the 600 block of Gem Street. Carrasco carried out his 70-year-old neighbor from the burning house.

Carrasco grabbed the woman under her arms and pulled her to safety. Two more people, including Carrasco's father, started CPR.

At that point, Tulare's first responders were on the scene and took over aid to Doucette, who was first taken to Tulare Regional Medical Center and then transferred to Fresno's Community Regional Medical Center. She was in critical condition Tuesday afternoon.

"When you calm down, you realize what he did," said Carrasco's father, Don. "It's just amazing."

Firefighters worked for about 30 minutes to control the fire, which caused heavy damage to the home, carport and vehicle, Dodson said.

In total, Dodson estimates the fire damage at about $100,000. The firefighters' efforts prevented the flames from spreading to other homes, Dodson said.

The residential fire appears to be accidental, Dodson said. Investigators are still working to determine cause of fire. A report is expected at the end of the week.

On Tuesday morning, Carrasco walked over to Doucette's home, where a handful of people walked through the burnt remains. Carrasco received several hugs and expressions of gratitude.

Dodson called Carrasco's action heroic. The young Tulare man wouldn't have it. "Just doing the right thing," he said.


<![CDATA[Under Pressure]]>Thu, 23 Oct 2014 19:49:38 GMThttp://knightscavalrymc.com/ive-got-your-six/under-pressure The old saying goes “A man with one watch knows what time it is.  A man with two is never sure.”  (Unknown)

First—a test:  When you put tires on your bike, the tires have PSI specs molded into the sidewall.  However, these numbers will probably differ from what the manufacturer’s specs are.  Which set of specifications do you use?

I took my cycle into the shop for service.  When I picked it up he looked at his notes and asked me if I preferred a bumpy bouncy ride or if I often had overweight passengers?  I had no idea what he was talking about.  Answering no to both I then asked “Why?”  Because you had 42 pounds in your front tire and 46 pounds in your rear tire.  The front tire was seven pounds over manufacturer’s recommendations (the bike manufacturer, NOT the tire maker) and the rear was nine pounds over.  I recall another time when I took one of my bikes in and I got chastised for not checking the tire pressure:  It was so low that if I’d hit a major chuckhole I might’ve busted the bead on the front tire and had an immediate flat to deal with, horribly dangerous at any speed.

If I asked the members of this club, seated around the table, “What is the manufacturer’s recommended P.S.I. for your front and rear tires?  I suspect most of you, other than the V.P., would not know.  Then I’d ask, “How would you find out?”  I’d probably be told “It’s on the side of the tire.”  True enough, there is a maximum recommended PSI level there. But, how does the tire know what bike it’s going onto?  How does it take into effect the weight of passenger and/or gear?  It doesn’t and that’s why we don’t use the tire manufacturer’s recommendation.  When your bike was designed there was considerable testing to determine what type of tire, tread pattern, size, etc., was best suited for the weight, the distribution of that weight, the design of the frame and engine configuration (and much more) that were considered before they decided what tire to put on the bike as the stock tire.  But, erroneously, most of us use the PSI on the treadwall to identify the proper amount of air to put in the tire--completely ignoring the results of all of this testing.  Yes, that’s right—the owner’s manual is where you want to find the PSI rating. It gives you the results of all of their testing, all correlated to the bike’s design, weight, etc.  So, how does the bike consider what brand/type/style of tire you’re putting on the bike if you don’t go back to the stock tire?  It doesn’t because it simply cannot.  It’s more important that you have the correct tire pressure based on the manufacturer’s testing and study than any information about tread type, temperature rating, or whether it’s a Michelin Pilot IV or a Pilot II or a Continental or a Shinko.  (But, by the way, the arrow on the sidewall showing the rotation direction does matter—it makes a major difference in how the tire behaves and properly works or doesn’t work).  And, yes, you have to have the tire remounted.  I pointed this out to a friend recently and he was none too happy that the shop actually mounted his tire backwards! 

Whether you air up at a gas station or via a compressor at home, there are some realities that are always true:  1) gas station air chuck PSI measurements are generally grossly incorrect and (2) the pencil sized, chromed, pocket air pressure devices aren’t much better.  I’ve seen a difference of eight pounds between the stations’s measuring device and my own pencil-type unit.  The question is “Which was is right?  A question that shouldn’t have to be answered would be “Does it make a difference?”

I’ll answer the second question first:  You bet it matters and the issue is far more than just tread wear (although by keeping my tires properly inflated to the manufacturer’s specifications I pushed a set of Michelin Pilot II’s from an expected life of 8,000 miles to 10,000 miles. I don’t accelerate away from stop signs as if I had my most treasured possession bungee-corded to the backrest and I get on it hard pretty often).  Tread wear is secondary to the true critical issue of how the bike handles as a result of the proper ‘relationship’ between the rider, the bike’s frame and everything bolted to it and proper amount of air pressure in the tires. 

I chose a digital measuring device over an analog as they tend to be far more accurate over the entire range.  Analog gauges tend to be the most accurate at mid-range, so get one that measures 0-60 pounds.  Most $19.95 air pressure gauges are worthless if they hit the concrete a single time.  The gauge I bought can take some knocking around and has a rubber bumper around the circumference.  Digital gauges can generally handle a bit more bumps than an analog, but one should be careful regardless.  It also has an air release (bleed valve) button so I can pump the tire up and then bring it down to where it belongs with no resetting required—saves a lot of time.  The brand I chose is one used for motorcycle racing where accuracy in measurement is critical to the race and to the safety of the rider. The dial is filled with a fluid to prevent any outside interference with its measurement and cushion if it strikes something.

I carry a cheapo pencil gauge but having checked it against my higher quality unit; I know it’s nearly six pounds off.  Using an indelible marker I wrote -6 on the tool to remind me.


    High precision accurate to +/- 0.6 psi
    Precise digital readout to 0.1 psi;  0-60 PSI measurement
    Continuous pressure reading, no need to reset when activating bleed valve
    Four selectable scales (PSI, BAR, KG-CM2, kPa)
    Large easy to read display with back light for low light applications
    Billet aluminum trapezoid body
    High flow push button bleeder valve for precise pressure adjustment
    18 inch long high pressure hose with dual swivels and brass ball type air chuck
    Heavy duty anti-shock protective rubber boot on gauge
    Battery powered (1000 tests) with battery strength indicator
    Auto off to extend the battery life
    Battery included
    One year limited warranty

Now, what kind of idiot would spend $96 on an air pressure tester?  At least one—me. You can even buy a holder that Velcro’s the plastic see through bag to the inside of your bag.  Actually, clubs only needs one---before a ride, or periodically you could check everyone’s tires.

I hope this collection of 1117 words has at least created some dialogue about each Knight’s habits regarding air pressure check and whether or not you should use the tire indicator or the manufacturer’s specs when airing up. 

Now, let’s talk about how often you check your bike’s engine oil level—that one is going to get ugly!


Adam 12, VP (retired), Peacemaker Posse

<![CDATA[Bikers must unite - at the ballot box !!!]]>Fri, 17 Oct 2014 23:08:54 GMThttp://knightscavalrymc.com/ive-got-your-six/bikers-must-unite-at-the-ballot-box WHY YOU MUST VOTE!  (Reprinted from the American Motorcycle Association magazine).  

Motorcycle-only checkpoints. Public land grabs. Too much ethanol in gasoline. Health insurance discrimination against motorcyclists.

There are a wide variety of issues on Capitol Hill related to motorcycling. And Election Day choices will affect motorcyclists.

That’s why the AMA Government Relations Department has put together a 2014 AMA Voter Guide for AMA members to use when deciding how to cast their ballots in the November general election.

But even going into the primary elections, motorcyclists should take stock of where candidates stand on motorcycling issues, and what they can do to help protect the future of motorcycling.

The AMA is a non-partisan organization and doesn’t make political endorsements. But it does provide tools to help its members make informed choices on Election Day and offers tips for getting involved in campaigns.

The AMA encourages members to cast their ballots and work on political campaigns based in part on candidates’ positions on motorcycling-related issues, as well as other issues of importance to them.

 - Adam 12, Retired VP, Peacemaker posse

<![CDATA[Officer Down]]>Thu, 04 Sep 2014 17:55:14 GMThttp://knightscavalrymc.com/ive-got-your-six/officer-downPicture
Line of Duty Death - Rochester NY, September 4, 2014

Police Officer Daryl Pierson was shot and killed near the intersection of Hudson Avenue and Warsaw Street while involved in a foot pursuit of a suspect following a traffic stop.

The man that Officer Pierson was chasing had been paroled only three weeks prior while serving a sentence for attempted armed robbery. A bystander was also wounded by the gunfire.

Officer Pierson was a veteran of the National Guard and had served with the Rochester Police Department for eight years. He is survived by his wife and two young children.

<![CDATA[BIKERS - PROFILED]]>Thu, 12 Jun 2014 19:17:11 GMThttp://knightscavalrymc.com/ive-got-your-six/june-12th-2014According to a study commissioned by the CA DOT, contract number HS-5-01160, dated 1981, entitled Motorcycle Accident Cause Factors and Identification of Countermeasures, the following findings were documented:


Male, aged 16-24 (and over 65)

Female operators overrepresented for their population (high % of crashes)

Unemployed, laborer, students

Recent collision and/or citation

Self-taught, no motorcycle safety courses

Less than five months experience riding

No dirt bike riding experience

Habitual lack of attention

Use of alcohol or drugs or both

No license—suspended/revoked

Motorcycle is modified (chopper/café racer)

Tend to over brake or under brake

No helmet or eye protection worn


-Adam 12, VP, Retired - Peacemaker Chapter 

Male, age 30-50

Professional, salesman, teacher

No recent citations, collisions

Has dirt bike riding experience, riding course

Attentive to surrounding vehicles, intersections

Does not drink alcohol when riding

Brakes properly

Valid license

Anticipates possible danger

Large displacement motorcycle

Windshield and fairing, bagger

No modifications to bike’s structure

Wearing helmet, full face preferably

Wearing jacket

Wearing gloves

Wearing heavy duty boots

<![CDATA[Jump on board the bright-light train]]>Mon, 09 Jun 2014 21:52:21 GMThttp://knightscavalrymc.com/ive-got-your-six/jump-on-board-the-bright-light-trainPicture
I have written prior about the research study that shows that three lights in a triangular pattern (as opposed to a main light with one additional driving lamp on either side) reduce the number of times drivers do not see cyclists, thus resulting in fewer collision (Three Lights Better Than One?).  Turns out that motorcycling is a bit behind the curve on this idea—the railroads beat us to it. 

The railroads have always had one very bright light on the front of a locomotive and to make it more visible, they have that light move in a circular fashion.  Union Pacific Railroad has gone one step further and has put two more lights down lower on the locomotive face to create a triangular shape.  They have found that there is a measurable difference in crossing crashes!  It is clear that drivers of automobiles, seeing the triangular pattern coming toward them can better judge the speed at which the train (or motorcycle) is approaching. 

I am going to pick up a set of Motolights at a cost of about $515. (subtract nearly $250 if you want the halogen bulb).   These mount down on the forks next to the calipers.  They are made of billet aluminum (no rusting) and come in a variety of finishes from powder-coated flat black, to brushed aluminum, to chrome. You also have the choice of a halogen bulb or the new ultra-bright LED that draws a fraction of the wattage of the halogen and are brighter If taken to a dealer, they estimate about $275 dollars to put them on.  That pushes the cost up to nearly $800.  For that you could get a custom Corbin seat!  Luckily, my mechanic says he can put them on for less. The lights normally come on with a switch so you don’t have to have them on all the time, though I don’t know why one would not.  I’d rather have them just come on with the headlamp.

One Motorcycle Safety Foundation Instructor noted that he has three bikes and has two additional headlamps (LED’s) on all three. There is no doubt in his mind that is creates a greater measure of safety.

-Adam 12, VP, Retired - Peacemaker Chapter  

<![CDATA[Are Black Boxes on Motorcycles a thing of the future??]]>Mon, 09 Jun 2014 21:44:37 GMThttp://knightscavalrymc.com/ive-got-your-six/are-black-boxes-on-motorcycles-a-thing-of-the-futurePicture
Black boxes have been in many cars since the mid-70’s, placed on the vehicle to assist the manufacturer in defending product liability claims. 

Welcome to the 21st century!  Now, these little black boxes are being used by insurance companies to determine degree of fault and by law enforcement for prosecutions. 

In Marion County,  Indiana,  the District Attorney’s Office says the data from the black boxes are being used in 70% of prosecutions resulting from collisions where there was serious injury or one or more fatalities.  Information on the boxes is saved in half-second intervals.  It writes over itself every 20 seconds.  If an airbag deploys the box immediately grabs the two seconds prior to the deployment and saves the vehicle’s speed and information about braking.  Some document engine RPM’s, sudden swerves, and rollovers.  Originally created to test air bag deployment, they are now a valuable tool for insurance companies and prosecutors.  No word yet in case law as to whether access to the box should require a search warrant or whether there is any expectation of privacy for the owner of the vehicle!  It won’t be long before someone who know he’s at fault for the collision learns where they are at and goes to the tow yard to remove it from his vehicle before the DA’s office can!  

- Adam 12 - VP Retired, Peacemaker Chapter

<![CDATA[70th Anniversary of the D-Day Invasion]]>Fri, 06 Jun 2014 18:16:36 GMThttp://knightscavalrymc.com/ive-got-your-six/70th-anniversary-of-the-d-day-invasionPicture
My friends, I hope you still remember what we all learned in history class about D-Day. Here is a brief reminder. The D-Day invasion was a tough yet necessary operation to put an end to WWII.

 We as a nation, and certainly the world, owe a debt of gratitude to the US and Allied troops who stormed the beaches of Normandy France on June 6th 2014 under the command of the Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force, General Dwight D. Eisenhower.

100,000 troops invaded on day 1 - June 6th, 1944, another 50,000 soon followed. We suffered 9,000 deaths and injuries on day 1 alone. By the end of June over 1 Million US and Allied troops were in France.

On June 6th 1944, just prior to the invasion, Eisenhower told our troops, "The eyes of the world are upon you." And indeed they were, The D-Day invasion caused Germany to split resources and fight WWII on two fronts. It didn't work for long. Within 10 months Hitler committed suicide, within 11 months WWII was over.

- TALON, a grateful Americanne 6th 1944, just prior to the invasion, Eisenhower told our troops, "The eyes of the world are upon you." And indeed they were, The D-Day invasion caused Germany to split resources and fight WWII on two fronts. It didn't work for long. Within 10 months Hitler committed suicide, within 11 months WWII was over. - Patrick, a grateful Amer On June 6th 1944, just prior to the invasion, Eisenhower told our troops, "The eyes of the world are upon you." And indeed they were, The D-Day invasion caused Germany to split resources and fight WWII on two fronts. It didn't work for long. Within 10 months Hitler committed suicide, within 11 months WWII was over. - Patrick, a grateful American